Chercheur invité

Professeur de philosophie des sciences au Center of Studies in Philosophy and History of Science, National University of Quilmes/National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina, invité à l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne et à l'IHPST du 1er spetembre 2018 au 28 février 2019. 

Projet de recherche durant le séjour: 

a) After critically revising thetraditional account(Olby 1979) or orthodox image(Bowler 1989) of the history of Classical Genetics ‒ in which Genetics is presented as a discipline whose history took place in a continuouscumulativeand linearway, constituting an example of what, since Butterfield (1931), is called “the Whig interpretation of history” ‒, I will explore the possibility of analyzing the different proposals of Mendel, the “rediscoverers”, Bateson and collaborators and Morgan and disciples, with a four-valued scheme of theoretical change (Moulines 2014). In particular, I will explore the possibility of analyzing the history of Classical Genetics by using the following historiographical concepts:

  • “normal science” (or “theory-evolution”) ‒ for Mendel’s work regarding the “hybridist tradition”;

  • period of “crystallization” ‒ for the Rediscoverers’ work;

  • “initial revolution” (“emergence” or “crystallization”) ‒ for Bateson’s and collaborators’ work; as well as of

  • “scientific revolution” ‒ for Morgan’s and disciples’ work with respect to that of Bateson’s and collaborators’. 

Through the application of these categories ‒ supplemented with some categories for the analysis of interrogative, or erotetic features of science (Sintonen 1985, and Lorenzano 2013a, 2013b) ‒ it can be captured and made precise so much the idea that among them are some discontinuities and ruptures (of the kind pointed out by the critics of the traditionalor orthodox account) as well as continuities, i.e. that they have “something” to do with each other (and that would allow to understand the existence of that very account).

b) This work will be carried out through the exchange of ideas with members of the Institut d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques, in particular of the Research team « Philosophie de la biologie et de la médecine », and by consulting the specialized library of such institution.

c) The writing of a book on the analysis of the history of Classical Genetics ‒ with the maximum internal coherence and the closest possible fit to historical (textual) evidence ‒, whose tentative title is The Structure of An Initial Scientific Revolution. The Birth and Establishment of Genetics, will be carried out.

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