VORMS Marion

Senior lecturer, University Paris 1
2010 - The “Jaffé/Aguirre-Basualdo” Price in Humanities from the Chancellerie des universités de Paris

I am a senior lecturer (maître de conférences) at University Paris 1, and a permanent research fellow at IHPST.

My previous work was in general philosophy of science. I am now interested in epistemology, social epistemology and cognitive science (social cognition and psychology of reasoning). My current research bear on evidential reasoning and decision-making, with a particular focus on the judicial context. I approach those issues from an integrated epistemological and psychological perspective, which implies running experimental studies (in collaboration with psychologists from the University of London — Birkbeck College and University College London), as well as studying cases of court decisions (in collaboration with legal scholars and philosophers of science). I also analyse the similarities and differences between evidential reasoning in court and in the sciences.

Research Team(s)
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