MERLIN Francesca

Permanent research fellow (Chargée de recherche)
2019 - CNRS Bronze Medal
2010 - Prize « Jeune Chercheur » of the Société de Philosophie des Sciences (SPS, France)

Francesca Merlin is permanent researcher in philosophy of biology at CNRS (IHPST, UMR 8590, Paris, France). She obtained a PhD in philosophy at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2009. Her research focuses on central concepts in biology such as chance and probability, inheritance and epigenetics, in particular in the context of evolutionary theory. She currently works on the extension of biological inheritance in the light of the fact that organisms inherit much more than DNA. She is a recipient of the 2010 Young Researcher Prize from the Société de Philosophie des Sciences in France. This year (2019) she has been awarded a CNRS Bronze Medal. She published Mutations et aléas : le hasard dans la théorie de l’évolution (Hermann 2013). She has also co-edited, with Thierry Hoquet, Précis de philosophie de la biologie (Vuibert, 2014).

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