BRAUNSTEIN Jean-François

Professor, University Paris 1 Panthéon - La Sorbonne

Jean-François Braunstein, is a professor of philosophy at the University of Paris 1. He currently carries out research on history and philosophy of biological, medical and human sciences at the XIXe century, like on history of French epistemology. In his history of medicine Ph. D. on Broussais, Jean-François Braunstein had stressed the importance of philosophical theses of this author for the comprehension of his medical work

Continuing this research on interactions between philosophy and sciences, he studies from now on the biological and medical work of Auguste Comte and his repercussions on the history of socail sciences, in particular through his radical criticism of psychology.

Jean-François Braunstein also studied history of scientific psychology which, in XIXe century, is constituted in France on the model of physiology, whereas it continues in Germany a quantitative ideal. He endeavours to characterize this biological model of scientificity which coexists in XIXe century with the competitor quantitative model, described well by recent Anglo-saxon work on history of statistics.

In addition, in the field of methodology of history of sciences, Jean-François Braunstein proposes a new reading of "French school"work, of historical epistemology, in particular of Canguilhem central work, which he reads again in his totality, including writings of youth ignored up to now. He calls in question usually allowed filiation Bachelard-Canguilhem-Foucault, while going up on the one hand to Count or Abel Rey, and while questioning himself on the other hand about becoming it of this tradition among contemporary philosophers of sciences like Ian Hacking.

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